Your First Visit

What paperwork is needed?

  • Prescription
  • Insurance cards

Do I need an appointment?

Clearfield, Johnstown, Canonsburg and The Children’s Institute locations are by appointment only

All other offices take walk-ins but to ensure someone is available to see you it is recommended you call the location.

What will happen?

Upon your arrival you will be greeted and asked to complete the necessary intake forms. We strive to see you at your scheduled appointment time. The orthotist or prosthetist will see you in a private room along with any caregivers. The clinician perform necessary evaluations and gather relevant medical history to best determine the goals. Depending on the goals and prescribed device the treatment plan will be developed.

When will I be fit with my device?

All custom fabricated devices and many prefabricated devices will require casting or measurements at the initial visit and return visits are necessary for the fitting and delivery. We will request all necessary documentation from your referring physician and submit to insurance prior to proceeding. Your clinician will inform you of the expected turnaround time.