James Baker

Union Orthotics & Prosthetics Co. Patient Story: Meet James Baker

In 2016, James was severely burned and injured in a natural gas pipeline explosion that happened behind is home in Salem Township, Westmoreland County, PA. James suffered third and fourth degree burns on three-quarters of his body during the explosion and subsequent fire. While in the hospital, James underwent numerous surgeries including the amputation of his right arm and leg which later required custom prostheses.

What advice would you give to a new amputee?

“Definitely do your research and make friends. Make friends that have prosthetics and be friends with your prosthetists. That helps out a lot, and find a good company.”

“The staff at Union was just, I mean they're awesome. I mean every single one of them. They're friendly, I mean they're kind, they're helpful, they're just, that's a really good company.”

“I'll tell my prosthetist Bob, you know, "I've seen this, I really like this, can we do some research on this?" He's like, "Yeah, I found this, we could do this." Just like with the arm, you know I tried out two different hands before I picked the one that I really liked. He had somebody come in the next day with the hand and I'm trying it out. Three months later we're going to Columbus together to do training in our facility. That was awesome, it was extremely helpful.”

“If it wasn't for Union, I mean I wouldn't, I definitely wouldn't be where I am today. I mean there's no possible way.”